How to Clean Floor Tiles with Dishwasher Tablet

Cleaning environments isn’t complete without taking care of what’s under your feet. Simply refreshing and sanitizing the floor can breathe new life into a room. Even if you switch between outdoor shoes and slippers, stains can still appear on the tiles on a daily basis.

The dishwasher tablet is a real ace for cleaning: it is even useful for floor tiles

Having pets at home adds an extra challenge, as regular floor detergents are not suitable for cleaning due to their aggressiveness. However, for the hygiene of tiles, there is a secret ingredient – a magic capsule that can restore their shine without causing any damage.

The versatile dishwasher tablet is the unsung hero, with a thousand potentials, perfect for cleaning in multiple areas, especially for restoring the shine to your tiles.

How to do

First, you need to get a basin and fill it with boiling water. Dissolve the dishwasher tablet in the water. Ensure complete dissolution of the tablet by using a spoon to eliminate any lumps of detergent.

cleaned floor tiles

Once the tablet is completely mixed with water, a surface foam will start forming, indicating the end of the process. Now, transfer the mixture into a container or bottle to always be ready for use. Opt for a spray bottle, allowing you to direct the detergent precisely where needed.

Its action is particularly effective in treating joints between tiles: the degreasing power of the tablet is in fact, capable of performing miracles on encrustations.

floor tiles after cleaning

To clean them, just spray the product on them, let it sit for a few minutes, and then scrub with a sponge. A real revolution in the way of cleaning your floors: simple, fast, and, most importantly, effective!

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