How a bay leaf can get rid of bad smells in the bathroom

All homes will eventually fall victim to bad smells coming from the bathroom. This of course is due to all the plumbing that goes into this room. Typically, we think that this problem cannot be resolved without the help of some strong, chemical-based products that will get rid of the smell but also impact the environment. However, there is a way around this that involves a single bay leaf, and so we are going to explain a practical and safe way to get your bathroom smelling fresh again.

Of course, whenever you notice an unpleasant odor coming from the bathroom, it is imperative to get rid of it as soon as possible so it doesn’t affect other parts of your home. But before you get started, it may be worth considering using this particularly natural technique.

Using a Bay Leaf to Get Rid of Bad Smells

bathroom, bay leaf and arrows

All we are going to need to freshen the air naturally in the bathroom is a bay leaf and a book of matches. Let’s see how these two items can get the job done.

First, take your single bay leaf and light the end of it with a match just so it starts creating a thin line of smoke. Now place the burning leaf next to the toilet or drain so that it can accumulate around the area.

match smoke

By doing this, as the bad smells emerge from the pipes, they are immediately neutralized by the smoke that is waiting for them in the open air. Remember, when the leaf is completely burned, put the remaining ashes in the garbage instead of down the drain. And if the smell persists, you can easily repeat the process. There is always the possibility that you will have to call a professional if the smell does not go away. However, this method is a cheap way to potentially get rid of the problem first.

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