Chestnuts: how to roast them at home in only 10 minutes

As temperatures continue to drop and we head further into winter, we can be sure of the appearance of one thing: roasted chestnuts! Despite how cold it gets, at least we can experience the warming comfort from this seasonal favorite. And did you know you can prepare them in just 10 minutes in your own home?

cooking chestnuts

It’s true, instead seeking them out on the streets and having the risk of them getting cold by the time you get home, you can just cook them yourself. This is all thanks to the invention of the air fryer, the appliance that continues to become more and more popular.

chestnuts and leaves

The air fryer continues to become more and more popular these days, and people are also continuing to realize that this device can be used to cook any type of dish without the need for too much oil. However, it still hasn’t crossed the minds of many that the air fryer can also be used to prepare chestnuts. So let’s see how it’s done!

How to cook chestnuts with the air fryer

chestnuts and white bucket

When cooking your chestnuts, you don’t really need any other ingredient. Even salt is optional. So all you need to do is get yourself get yourself a bag of chestnuts from the local market, then follow a short series of steps:

  • Wash all your chestnuts by rinsing them under water.
  • Carve an ”X” on the surface of each chestnut, this will help them cook evenly and thorougly.
  • Now put your chestnuts into the air fryer and cook them for about 10 – 20 minutes at full power (around 200°C).

Once enough time has passed, be careful as you take the chestnuts out of the basket, and enjoy. Don’t forget, on top of being a delicious holiday tradition, chestnuts are also great for your health!

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