How Often to Wash Your Jeans After Wearing Them and How to Do It Right

Jeans, the iconic garments of youthful fashion, have made history. Invented in the 1950s in the United States, they transformed the fashion landscape and became a symbol in popular culture. There is no young person in the world who has not worn them or for whom they have not represented Linus’ blanket. Despite their durability, proper care and attention are essential for ensuring their longevity.

How to wash, remove stains and dry jeans to preserve their life

How to wash and dry jeans to preserve their color and fabric

Many people wonder how often they should wash their jeans. The frequency of washing jeans depends on how often and where they are worn. For occasions like dinners or work conferences where they aren’t exposed to dust or dirt, washing can be avoided. However, if you wear them for activities like picnics or jobs involving contact with dust and paint, washing becomes necessary upon returning home to maintain cleanliness.

Always keep in mind, however, like all clothing items, jeans wear out, lose color, and reduce their lifespan with each wash. On average, we can say that they should be washed every 3 to 5 uses.

When you go to buy them, you must know that the jeans have undergone industrial processes before reaching the market. For this reason, to prevent any substances used in these processes from coming into contact with the skin and causing allergies or irritation, it’s advisable to wash the jeans once you bring them home. Protecting the color and fabric is crucial, so wash them inside out. When using a washing machine, separate them from other items to avoid potential color bleeding or fabric damage.

jeans are placed in the washing machine for wash

Even if you are tempted to use high temperatures to disinfect them, it is advisable to wash them at a cold or lukewarm temperature to prevent them from shrinking or losing too much color. Like all clothing, jeans are susceptible to stains like oil or sauce. Before tossing them in the washing machine, it’s recommended to treat the stains. Use cold water and a delicate detergent, such as Marseille soap.

Finally, when it comes to drying jeans, it’s best to avoid using the dryer, as it may lead the fabric to shrink and wear over time. Instead, air-dry them by spreading them out in an open area. Be cautious not to expose them to direct sunlight, as this can contribute to color fading.

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