Did You Know That Your Gas Tank Door Has a Very Useful Hidden Function? Few People Know About it

Today, we want to explore some curiosities, as we often do. The character who delves into the web more than anyone else to reveal the secrets of commonly used objects is undoubtedly our friend Marco Critelli. With his kind and ironic manner, he has managed to capture the attention of millions of followers on Instagram. Today’s topic is: what is the hook inside the gas tank door of the car for?

the hook inside the fuel filler cap of the car

What is the hook inside the gas tank door for?

The hook inside the gas cap of some cars serves a crucial purpose: it’s used to hang the cap while refueling. The gas cap hook is a small fixed part inside the car’s gas cap. Its main purpose is to provide a convenient spot to hang the cap during refueling.

The fuel cap hook is a small fixed part inside the car's fuel cap

While this feature may seem unimportant, it’s actually very useful. Without the hook, the gap cap would have to be held in one hand while refueling, making it awkward and slippery. Thanks to the hook, the cap stays secure, and the driver has both hands free to use the fuel nozzle, making the process easier and more convenient.

In addition, this accessory prevents the cap from falling to the ground or getting lost. How many of us place it on the ground or the car’s hood while refueling? This can lead the driver to forget where they left it or even lose it. The hook avoids these inconveniences.

However, this accessory is not present in all cars. Some models may offer a different solution for hanging the cap while refueling, such as a lanyard or an external hook on the tank. It varies based on the manufacturer’s decision and the type of refueling system the car is equipped with.

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