Here’s a great way to reuse apple peels

After enjoying an apple, we typically just throw the peel away without giving it a second thought. But you may change this habit after reading about the ways an apple peel can be used around the house.

Recycling Apple Peels

The first application for our apple peels is freshening the air around the house, particularly in closets and drawers. For this to work, you first have to let the peels dry out in the sun. Next, place the dried peels in a small canvas bag which will allow the scent to escape. You can even add a little extra by also placing a cinnamon stick inside as well.

Leftover apple peels can also be used for cleaning purposes. First place the peels in a pot and heat them over the stove for about half an hour. After turning off the heat, you will notice that the peels have rendered an acidic substance that you can soak up with a dry cloth. This type of vinegar works as an excellent degreaser.

Apple vinegar is also great for cleaning certain surfaces that include glass and metal. It has been historically recognized as an effective disinfectant and is able to break down germs, resulting in a sanitized home.

peeled apple

You can also make your own substitute for commercial cleaning products, you will need the following:

  • 400ml of water
  • 200 grams worth of apples
  • 2 tablespoons of sugar
cinnamon sticks

Start by placing the apple in a blender, including the skin and the cores. Now add your water and sugar and blend until a liquid has formed. Next, filter the liquid into glass jars and close them airtight. Make sure to place a paper towel between the lid and the jar. Leave the jar or jars in a warm place and away from direct sunlight. Stir the liquid inside once a day for three weeks, and once you notice the smell of vinegar your product is ready.

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