Here are the areas in your home you should not forget to clean

You have probably experienced it before. After cleaning all the rooms in your home, you come to find almost immediately the dirt and dust have returned. This is probably due to the fact that there are always some areas that go unnoticed, and here we are doing to discuss the locations that should not be neglected when cleaning your home.

We all know that routinely cleaning the home is essential for maintaining a pleasant living environment and for our overall health. So with this in mind, let’s examine some of those dirty areas of the house that continually get overlooked in the cleaning process.


You may not have been aware that our sinks are more often than not ideal locations for germs to hide out. Sinks experience a constant flow of water which ends up promoting the development of mold and bacteria. The bathroom sink is even more susceptible to germ buildup because of its close proximity to the toilet.

Now it hopefully seems clear how important it is to properly clean all the sinks in the home. In addition, it is also recommended that you make sure that your sinks are free of any leftover water after each use. Also remember to unscrew the end of your sink, where the filter is hiding, and give it thorough washing at least once a month.

Doorknobs and Light Switches

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Our light switches and door handles can also be easily overlooked when we are sanitizing our homes. However, these places come into contact with our hands every single day. And it is unlikely that we wash our hands each time we are about to turn on a light or walk out the door. Therefore, there is a consistent supply of bacteria for these surfaces. All you have to do to get these surfaces clean, though is to wipe them with a damp cloth. It may be worth giving the remote control a once-over as well.

The Kitchen

bathroom sink

The kitchen cabinets, simply because they can be pretty high up, naturally don’t get the cleaning attention that they require. This is a problem. When cooking, grease and fat can easily get spread all over cabinet surfaces, causing the possible contamination of the food we eat. So make sure that you do not breeze over these surfaces. And as we mentioned earlier, don’t forget to apply some lemon and baking soda to the kitchen sink too.

The Bathroom

The walls in the bathroom tend to be a little hard to access, and naturally, we tend to not put in our best effort when we clean them. The presence of moisture in the bathroom causes fungus and mold to easily form on the walls’ absorbent material. To combat this, we recommend using a powerful detergent that you can spray over the entire surface and let it sit for at least a couple of minutes. Finally, wipe it dry with a damp cloth. Also, the same treatment is also ideal for the tub.

The Refrigerator

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It is pretty easy to occasionally forget about some food we have left in the fridge, resulting in a moldy problem. On top of this, the fridge is also exposed to the germs on our hands each time we open the door. So again, it is important to stay on top of this important appliance. All you need is some hot water and dish soap to get your fridge back to normal. For bad smells, you can also apply some vinegar or baking soda.

The Stove

The last item to discuss is the stove. This is definitely one of the dirtiest and most stubborn surfaces in the home when it comes to cleaning. There is a constant bombardment of oil and fat that cause the buildup of residue that can seem impossible to eliminate. So remember to attend to this area as often as possible, making the job even easier in the long run.

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