Here are 8 items we commonly store in the bathroom… but shouldn’t

The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house and allows us to carry out a variety of tasks. For this reason, the bathroom is furnished with cabinets, tables, and shelves to provide easy access to the accessories and products we use each day. However, there is a number of these objects that really should not be sitting there.

It is actually a bit ironic that the items we associate the most with the bathroom are the ones that really don’t even belong there. Towels and body-care products are just two examples, and there are many more.

Things to Remove from the Bathroom

As we said, towels should be left in the bathroom, and this also includes bathrobes. The reason is that when these items are left in the bathroom, they never become fully dry. As a result, they end up producing foul smells and becoming less hygienic while being used, not to mention it becomes more difficult to clean them thoroughly.

Feminine hygiene products, including tampons and sanitary pads, are also examples of products that should be kept outside of the bathroom. Instead, they should be left in a clean and dry area, the bathroom is definitely not a good example of this.

eyelash curlers

Any metal object such as tweezers, nail files, and eyelash curlers is safer if stored somewhere else. Due to all the moisture in the air, in the bathroom these items will succumb to rust, making them useless prematurely. For similar reasons, you should also move electronic razors and heaters, as they also contain electrical components that can easily be damaged.

Even though it is very common, the cat’s litter box should also not be left in the bathroom. The material kept in the box is highly absorbent, and as a result, it will take in all the moisture from the air. This will eventually lead to bad smells and the formation of bacteria and mold. There are also certain types of plants that should be taken out of the bathroom for similar reasons.

nail polish

Lastly, a few beauty products to remove include razors and nail polish. For nail polish, it is a simple matter of the product becoming ruined from the conditions inside the bathroom. It’s a bit more serious for razors because they are prone to accumulate mold. This is something you definitely don’t want coming into contact with your skin!

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