Have you ever noticed the hole at the end of the panhandle? It’s there for a reason

The tools we use in the kitchen contain a variety of different features, and often we are not even fully aware of all their uses. And a great example of one of these mystery features is the hole in the pan’s handle. In this article, we are going to try and clear up this mystery among the many that exist in our homes.

Because it is so common, it is quite possible that you have not even really noticed the hole in the pan’s handle before. Often the hole is utilized simply to hang it on the wall when it’s not being used. However, not many people realize that the hole there was not created specifically for that reason.

pan and arrow

Whenever we are cooking with a pan over the stove, more often than not we are also utilizing a wooden spoon in the process. Of course, the wooden spoon is ideal in the kitchen because it doesn’t transfer heat from the pan and is safe against the surface of the pan.

three wooden spoons

But it is all too common to run into a simple dilemma: where do you put the spoon when you’re not using it? You don’t want to just lay it on the counter where it will make a mess and possibly become contaminated with germs. And this is exactly where the hole in the pan handle comes into play.


All you have to do is insert the wooden spoon vertically into the pan handle’s hole and let it rest there. Simple! And now, with this realization, you may start recognizing other items in the kitchen that also have some clever features like this one. These products have been specifically designed to make life in the kitchen easier, we just need to have the proper knowledge to fully exploit their utility.

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