Have access to an infinite supply of garlic right outside on your balcony: the SECRET to growing garlic at home

Garlic is one those items that can never be missing in your kitchen, it is essential for enhancing all kinds of different dishes. And it’s for this reason that knowing how to grow garlic on your balcony, making it always available, can make your life a lot easier. So here are the best methods for growing your own garlic!

grow garlic

And endless supply of garlic without using potting soil

Our first method is actually really simple. All you need to do is add a germinated clove directly into a vase or glass container and add enough water to cover the roots. Now place the container where it will get sufficient sunlight.

garlic at home

In the following weeks, you will begin to notice that the stem is becoming increasingly longer and more robust. Once it reaches 8 centimeters, you can safely cut off a section and use it as a condiment for your dishes.

Growing garlic using potting soil

new garlic

Alternatively, you can also grow your garlic by using potting soil. First, choose a reasonably large and deep pot. Next, select a fertile soil that drains well and contains gravel. After you have put the soil in your pot, form small holes into the earth and place your garlic cloves inside them, making sure the bases are face down.

Now, in order for the cloves to grow well, make sure that you have buried them about 2.5 centimeters deep and 12 centimeters away from each other. As far as watering goes, 2 times a week should be enough, as long as the soil remains moist but without flooding. And in just a few weeks, you will see your garlic begin to sprout.

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