Have a Fresh Smelling Home With Just a Few Lemon Seeds

There is no shortage of options when it comes to the floral decorations we can place in our homes. And some types of plants don’t just add to the beauty of the house, but they also can purify the air we breathe. If you are fond of the scent of lemon, then you may want to continue reading because here we will explain how to spread the smell of lemon throughout the entire house.

lemon slice seeds

1. Gather Your Seeds

We will get started by getting a hold of some lemon seeds. The easiest way to do this is by simply picking them from a lemon that is cut in half. With this method, however, we will also need to rinse off the seeds with water and make sure to remove any skin or pulp that remains on each seed. Alternatively, of course, there is always the option of just purchasing a packet of lemon seeds from the local florist.

2. Germinate Your Seeds

Now that our seeds are ready, we can proceed in two different ways. Our first option is placing the seeds in a teacup and covering them with potting soil. Make sure the seeds are buried about three centimeters deep. This technique is the simpler of the two options because we will not have to repot the seeds later.

teacup plant

Our second option begins with laying a small layer of damp cotton at the bottom of your teacup. Next, we can place our seeds on top of the cotton and add a final layer of damp cotton on top of the seeds. This is a more efficient way of growing our lemon seeds, but it will eventually require repotting as the seeds begin to sprout.

The length of time it takes for our seeds to grow is typically five to eight days. Of course, this will also depend on which method you choose. Humidity and temperature also can affect how long it takes for the seeds to begin sprouting. Luckily, lemon seeds do not require very much maintenance.

3. Plant Care

When using potting soil, make sure the earth is well-aerated and is not too dense. Make sure to water routinely and to drain the soil avoid flooding. Also, make sure that there is enough soil so that the roots can grow and expand through the earth. The last thing to remember is that lemon plants do not like cold temperatures, so try to maintain a temperature of 15 to 25 degrees Celsius so your plants can grow as healthy as possible.

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