Gummy Candies – What These Sweet Treats Are Really Made Of

For many of us, it can be nearly impossible to resist the sweet and colorful appeal of gummy candies. And we often try to exercise a little self-control for fear of consuming too many calories. However, in this article, we are going to try and see if these candies are something that we really need to worry about.

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Gummy candies were invented in Germany with just 2 items, sugar and a copper pot. However, their recipe has changed a lot over time. So let’s see what we are now consuming today when we enjoy these colorful candies.

We should start by stating that these candies are not very significant when it comes to nutritional value. Most types of candy are in fact junk food and should be enjoyed in moderation. Also, when it comes to gummy candies, be aware if you are someone who avoids eating meat products.

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So, as we can all figure, the main ingredient in gummy candies is gelatin. Gelatin is an animal product that contains collagen. The ingredient is obtained through a process called hydrolysis, during which collagen is collected from the animal’s skin, bones, and tendons.

By using gelatin, the candy is able to have a light, soft texture. And this is exactly what attracts so many people to this particular candy. Vegans and vegetarians should beware, though, as packaging most often does not tell about the presence of animal products in the candy. Also, if your religion forbids the consumption of pork, be aware that gelatin is often procured from pigs.

Gummy Candies and the Environment

On top of being made of animal products, we should also note the pollution that results from the production of gummy candies. It goes without saying that animal farms have their own impact on the environment by maintaining dense populations in small areas of land. In addition, the production of these candies requires a lot of plastic. Plastic not only is damaging to the environment through its production but also in terms of the waste that results after the candies are consumed.

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Now, if you are concerned about either the animal products found in gummy candies or their impact on the environment, you still do not need to give up on these tasty treats. There are, luckily, varieties of candy made only from vegetablebased gelatin. So if you have any concerns, it only requires a little research to make sure you can enjoy gummy candies without any guilt or worry. 

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