Growing your own vegetable garden in no time at all

It is said that patience is a virtue, and this is certainly a virtue we don’t all possess. If you have the desire to have your own vegetables growing in your home but are dissuaded by the time commitment, then you may be interested in the seeds that will begin sprouting in no time.

mixed vegatables

Now, there is no way we can change nature. It is something that continues to persistently carry on in its own rhythm. However, with the right knowledge we can take advantage of some of the earth’s resources that don’t want to take their time to develop. So let’s take a look at some of these examples.

Quickly growing your own vegetable garden

Let us being with the watercress, a plant made for those in a hurry. The plant grows ideally in environments that provide adequate humidity. In the right conditions, the watercress will be ready to harvest within 10 days. Once the plant is ready, you should be able to cut up to 10 centimeters of its leaves that will be ready for the kitchen table.

Green onions are another example of a plant that grows effortlessly. Green onions should be planted in welldrained soil, and it should develop just fine in both sunny and shady locations. The typical wait for its harvest is typically around 20 days.


The radish is a great addition in the kitchen with its place in salads and a variety of recipes. It usually takes less than a month for the radish to mature, 22 days on average, and it does very well in cold weather and with limited sunlight. This could be a great idea for your garden during the winter.

Lettuce typically takes about a month to grow large enough to harvest. Also, it does very well in cool, well-ventilated areas. Also, the plant is quite versatile when it comes to coexisting with other types of vegetation.

Some other healthy options

plant and shadow

Both spinach and rucola grow best in enriched soil, and they tend to do well together in the same garden. They both also prefer a balanced amount of exposure to the sun and shade. The two have health benefits due to their high iron content, and they take about 40 days to be ready for harvest.

Another healthy food item, the carrot, should be ready within 50 days after planting. Beets also take around the same time, and their leaves can even be picked within 30 days.

Finally, we have the zucchini plant. After planting your zucchini seeds, the plant should be visibly ready for picking within 15 days.

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