Growing tangerines from seedlings to full plants

It goes without saying that it is never pleasant when you bite down on a little seed while enjoying a tangerine. But that little nuisance may not be as annoying as you think. It can be the beginning of your own in-home supply of tangerines.

The tangerine tree is often considered a symbol of luck and prosperity, and it is for this reason that it can be a great gift idea. The plant can also create a lovely ambiance, and it thrives in places like the balcony or home garden.

But instead of waiting for someone to possibly give you a tangerine plant for your next birthday, you may want to consider simply growing your own. It is a very easy process that can even be pretty fun. And you may even be cultivating your next Christmas presents for your friends and family.


tangerine tree

It should come as a pleasant surprise that we don’t need anything too fancy to get your tangerines growing. You will just need the following:

  • Tangerine seeds
  • Makeup remover pads
  • Potting soil
  • Fertilizer

What to do

Christmas present

After you have extracted the seeds from your fruit, you will need to begin by wrapping each of them in a dampened makeup remover pad. This step is important because we need to make sure that the seeds remain hydrated enough to start sprouting.

Next, take your wrapped seeds and place them in a glass. Remember, don’t unwrap them. Now we can wait for the roots to begin to form. Once this happens, we will need to properly plant the seeds. There is actually a specific way to do this.

When burying the seeds in the soil, don’t place them too deep because the sprouting root must make its way out of the earth. Also, this will allow the seed to take advantage of the moisture in the surrounding air. Also, make sure that the soil you use does not retain too much water, as this can result in our seeds starting to rot and the plant dying.


Keep in mind that in the beginning, you can use a vase to contain your growing seedlings, which can provide a little extra decoration to your home. However, the seedlings will have to eventually be moved to their own individual pots once leaves start to form.

So give it a try! If you are a fan of these little, sweet oranges, then with just a little patience you can have an endless supply of one of your favorite fruits.

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