Onions in Plastic Cups: A Foolproof Trick for Growing New Plants

A common misconception among beginners is that growing fruits and vegetables requires a large vegetable garden. While having a large space certainly helps, those without access to it can still achieve good results, especially with certain crops like onions. Even though it might seem unbelievable, very small spaces are sufficient, even as simple as a plastic cup. It may sound incredible, but rest assured, it’s entirely accurate!

growing onions in plastic cups

How to Grow Onions in Plastic Cups

To achieve the desired results, simply follow the steps I’m about to outline. First, gather :

  • A plastic cup
  • A sharp small knife
  • Some soil
  • Onions
displaying white onions

Begin by cutting the onions, removing the upper portion or “cap”. However, be very careful not to remove the part where the roots grow; otherwise, the effort you put in later will be wasted! Take a plastic cup and perforate its bottom and sides to ensure proper drainage. Fill it approximately two finger-widths with nutrient-rich and loose soil. Create a hole and insert the onion, with its roots facing downward, until it’s fully covered.

easily grow onions at home

At this point, it’s time to address watering. The water requirement is relatively low, although, as you can imagine, this also depends on the size of the container.

In either case, insert a finger into the soil to assess its moisture level and make adjustments accordingly. Is it dry? Then consider watering. Is it already moist? Leave it alone; instead of helping the onions, you might risk causing them to rot. Also, remember that it’s better to engage in consistent, smaller watering sessions rather than excessive watering. Within about a week, you’ll start to notice the emergence of the initial green leaves, which will grow strong and luxuriant.

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