There’s a Way to Get Rid of the Strange Smell Coming from Your Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner, due to the nature of its job, will eventually develop a strange smell over time. But you can do something about this. It is actually possible to make your own air freshener for your vacuum cleaner. And here we will discuss a few ways to do it.

old vacuum cleaner

We will go over some of the aromatic products that can be applied to a foul-smelling vacuum. And when it comes to application, we will want to focus on the bag and dust collection area.

Tricks to Having a Fresh-Smelling Vacuum

One solution that we can make right at home involves essential oil. Just add your favorite variety of essential oil to some water and pour the mixture into a spray bottle. Now, spray the solution along the surface of your rug or carpet before you begin vacuuming. You can also add a few drops of essential oil directly into the vacuum bag.

Baking soda is also an alternative to getting the bad smell out of the vacuum. It is known for its ability to absorb smells from the air, and in this case, we can just add it to the vacuum bag. As you continue to use the vacuum to clean the house, it will remain free of any bad odors.

You can also use sawdust as a natural air freshener for your vacuum. Sawdust is effective in getting rid of bad smells due to its absorbency. Also, for an added effect, you can also add some essential oil to add some perfume to the air.


There is always the option of store-bought carpet cleaners as well. Use your preferred product on the carpet or rug before vacuuming, and you should be able to completely avoid bad smells. However, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. The overuse of these products can cause allergic reactions and even cause damage to your vacuum.


Another way to keep bad smells out of the vacuum is routine maintenance of the machine. Make sure to check the filter regularly, as it will become clogged over time. It is best to change the filter every six months for optimal performance. Also, remember to change the bag regularly. By cleaning and replacing the vacuum’s internal parts on a regular basis, you will prevent dirt and mold from building up, which are the main causes of unpleasant odors.

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