Get ready for the next winter by properly cleaning your radiators

Each year, as winter approaches, we all have to face the fact that we will soon need to be turning on our radiators. But it is important to realize that in order for them to function at their best, we should probably be giving them a thorough cleaning. This will help also with eliminating excess dirt and bad smells.

Here we are going to go over the steps you need to take to get your radiator cleaned properly. It is quite easy actually, and it will definitely pay off when you are enjoying a warm house that is also free of dust and dirt.

How to Clean Your Radiator Properly

radiator and red arrow

Before we get started, you want to make sure your radiator is turned off and is at room temperature. With that out of the way, start by covering all the furniture and items in the vicinity with either newspaper or old sheets that you no longer use. By doing this, the cleaning process becomes even easier, and you also avoid just moving the mess to another location in the house.

sofa and newspaper

Now we have to remove the dust. This step should be straightforward as long as you have the right tools. There is no single way of doing this, but you do want to make sure that every little crevice receives attention. To finish this step, use a dry cloth to remove any remnants of dust and finish off by spraying the surface with a mixture of degreaser and water.

Cleaning the Inside of the Radiator

Another essential step is to clean the inside of the radiator. To start, place a small bucket underneath the bleeder valve. Now rotate the valve about a quarter turn until you notice air blowing out. Once you notice cloudy water pouring out, you can close the valve. Now repeat the process for the other radiators in the house, and you’re all finished!

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