The Trick to Make Geraniums Bloom Faster

Geraniums are incredibly popular plants for adorning balconies in spring. Their vibrant blossoms and captivating fragrance infuse a sense of freshness and vitality. However, situations can arise where their flowering falters or is not as prolific as desired. Today, we’re unveiling a trick to boost their blossoming, utilizing a magical ingredient: castor oil.

trick for accelerating Geraniums' blooming

Castor oil has long held a reputation as a gardening ally, renowned for enhancing plant growth and flowering. But few know that it can be particularly effective in promoting geranium blooms.

The reason behind this lies in the composition of castor oil, specifically its ricinoleic acid content. This compound possesses the potential to significantly improve plant health, fortifying them, enhancing resistance, and boosting their nutrient absorption capacity.

The natural remedy for encouraging geraniums to bloom luxuriantly

In this specific remedy, castor oil is combined with hydrogen peroxide. The inclusion of hydrogen peroxide serves to oxygenate the plant’s roots, aid in greater energy production through photosynthesis, and optimize nutrient utilization from the soil.

There are different qualities of castor oil, but for stimulating geranium blossoming, the ideal choice is 100% pure castor oil. To use it, dilute 3 drops of castor oil and 1/2 tablespoon of hydrogen peroxide in a liter of water. Thoroughly mix the solution and apply it to the geranium soil twice a week.

geranium flowers

Alternatively, you can directly apply a modest amount of castor oil into the pot containing the geranium. The quantity of castor oil applied to geraniums depends on the condition and age of the plants. Younger plants benefit from a more diluted solution, while stronger and more robust ones can handle a higher dosage. For optimal results, it’s important to repeat the castor oil treatment every two weeks. This will ensure that the plants are consistently nourished and thrive at their best.

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