Furniture Polish – 3 Ways to Make Your Furniture Shining

Wooden furniture tends to make up a lot of the interior in most of our homes. This kind of material is both durable and classy. It is a great investment for your home, and your wood furniture could even go on to serve future generations. However, due to its absorbency, wood furniture tends to accumulate dust and dirt, making its shine dull over time. And that’s why we will look at how to make your own homemade furniture polish.

spraying wood

Before we begin, we want to mention one important thing. Never use pure water to clean your wood furniture. Water is incredibly damaging to untreated wood, and cleaning your wooden furniture with water will cause cracking and other types of malformations.

Making Furniture Polish

Our first method involves olive oil and lemon juice. Get half a cup of each ingredient and mix the two in a spray bottle. Next, remove the dust from the wood surfaces with a clean rag. Now, we can wipe along the wood with our polish with circular movements, and the results should be quite satisfying.

beeswax in bowl

Another option for making our polish is using a combination of white spirit and grated beeswax. Again, we will use half a cup of each product by mixing them in a bowl. To do this, first heat the beeswax, then begin stirring it in with your white spirit. You can also add in a little essential oil if you do not like the smell of turpentine. Just like before, we will rub along the wooden surfaces in circular movements.

For our third polish, we will mix three-quarters of a cup of almond oil with a quarter of a cup of white wine vinegar. Remember, with any type of polish, it is important to first clean off the excess dust and dirt from your wooden surfaces. Once you have done this, your homemade polish will restore the brilliance to your wooden furniture.

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