Floriography, the flower’s language: the meaning behind the gardenia

Flowers have the ability to expose us to an array of colors and make the world a beautiful place. And today we will be getting into a little flower talk, particularly on the subject of the Gardenia.

The Gardenia is a genus of flower that actually belongs to the coffee family while having origins mainly in Africa and Asia. The flower is famous for its brilliant white color and its lovely fragrance, its leaves are also particularly shiny. Since it is a tropical plant, it thrives in humid environments that provide consistently moderate temperatures.

The Gardenia has come to be commonly associated with romance due to its beauty and pleasant scent. But it doesn’t stop there, it also carries a role in the spiritual world, so let’s see how the Gardenia fills this role.

The Gardenia and Spirituality

One spiritual aspect associated with the Gardenia is that of happiness. The Gardenia has historically been used in joyous celebrations, particularly at weddings. But it can also be seen during any happy occasion that is worth observing.


The Gardenia can also often be interpreted as a symbol of peace. It is believed that the simplicity of the plant contributes to the peace of one’s soul. This can also be very useful for anyone who going through a difficult period in their life. As a symbol of purity, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Gardenia is popular during wedding celebrations. It is considered a representation of the promise of mutual dedication.

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Sometimes it can be hard to express your honest feelings to someone, and during the Victorian era, the Gardenia was used for this exact issue. It was understood that giving a person a Gardenia that had a yellow base indicated that there was a revival of loving feelings for that person. Often the giver of the flower would remain unknown, contributing to the idea of a mysterious, hidden love.

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The Gardenia is often used as a gesture of sincerity, or lack thereof. When a person gives the flower as a gift, it could be a sign to the recipient that they do believe them to be genuine.

The Gardenia is also there for your protection. This is metaphoric, of course, but there is the belief that the flower helps to get rid of threatening, negative energies.

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With all its mystical traits, we should remember to appreciate the Gardenia. And if you prefer to keep the flower in your house, be sure to place it where it gets enough natural light and the temperature remains between 10 and 20 degrees Celsius.

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