5 Problems Solved by Putting Salt in the Washing Machine

Just putting a little salt in the washing machine can make your life easier in several ways.

happy girl with washing machine

To start with, it helps keep your washing machine clean, as the accumulation of mold and residue is a constant issue. All you need to do is add 2 cups of salt to the drum of your machine and run an empty cycle. The high temperature will allow the salt to penetrate the various inner components that are typically exposed to dirt. By following this procedure, you are also eliminating the limescale buildup that every machine eventually falls victim to.

Another option is to create a thick paste made of granulated salt and water. You can apply the paste with a sponge and manually clean all of the areas that have been affected by limescale and residue.

Getting rid of stains with salt

white salt

Salt can help get rid of stubborn stains more effectively, especially those stains caused by grease and condiments. Take your mixture of salt and water and apply it directly to the stain. Now allow it to dry, and then continue with your normal wash.

You can also get your clothes whiter by putting them in warm water and adding three tablespoons of salt. Let the clothes soak overnight, and you will see the results the next morning.

stack of folded clothes

Finally, instead of using aggressive, chemical-based detergents to get your clothes softer, you can use salt instead. Add a tablespoon of coarse salt in the drum with your dirty clothes, along with either a little vinegar or citric acid. Start the cycle, and after you see that your load comes softer than ever.

pink coarse salt

Keep in mind, we are not suggesting that salt is a fabric softener, but instead as an additive to natural products that act as fabric softeners. The salt doesn’t work on the fibers of the clothes, however, it reduces the hardness of the water.

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