8 Things You Need to Know Before Meeting s Viper

Among the dangers of summer, especially during walks in meadows, woods, the countryside, or mountains, we must be cautious about encountering snakes, particularly vipers. Knowing how to behave in such situations is crucial to avoid unwanted encounters and handling them safely if they do occur. Here are eight important things to remember about encountering vipers.

Encounter with a viper: things to know

Encounter with a Viper: things to know

These are the basic things to know when meeting a viper:

  • To keep vipers away from our garden, we need to make it an unwelcoming place for these reptiles. This involves cleaning the garden, removing piles of wood, stone, or unused objects, cutting the grass, and trimming bushes. It’s essential not to leave organic waste or food leftovers lying around. Also, watch for signs of snakes in your yard.
  • To prevent accidental encounters with vipers during our outings, we must avoid walking in tall grass and uncultivated areas. Don’t lift, touch, walk, or sit on stones and boulders you come across.
things to know when meeting a viper
  • It’s better to use a cane when walking in the countryside or mountains to make noise. The noise will alert snakes, and they are likely to retreat or move away.
  • If, in the meantime, we have not managed to avoid the encounter, vipers may raise their heads from the ground, hiss, move their heads forward, and then attack and bite, inoculating their venom. However, sometimes it may take up to ten minutes before they do so (unless we inadvertently touch them). During this time, it’s best to move away slowly, being careful where you place your hands and feet. Avoid any sudden movements and give the snake space to retreat.
  • When walking through meadows and woods, especially while searching for mushrooms or other things, avoid moving boulders and stones with your hands, and refrain from putting your hands in bushes or holes.
  • Always dress appropriately: wear high boots, long trousers, and thick socks.
use high boots, long trousers and thick socks
  • When you go for a picnic, especially in areas known for vipers, always keep emergency telephone numbers close at hand. Also, be attentive to possible encounters of vipers with our dogs (which also means keeping the telephone number of a Veterinary Emergency Department in the area close at hand). Being prepared can help you respond quickly to any emergencies that may arise during your outing.

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