Eliminate humidity and bad smells from the bathroom with a handful of rice

Cleaning the bathroom is never a simple task, but it is vital for maintaining a clean and hygienic home. There are some natural techniques that can help. One, for example, is using a handful of rice to get rid of the unpleasant odors in the bathroom. This method leaves your bathroom smelling fresh while preventing the accumulation of dirt and humidity.


The bathroom is one the rooms that is used the most in the house. As a consequence, it also gets the dirtiest, especially if guests are staying for some period of time. When the bathroom gets too dirty and starts producing some unpleasant smells, quality of life is immediately compromised. There are plenty of chemical-based products available to help deal with this problem, but you can also use a natural solution that will provide the same result. In fact, just a handful of rice is all it takes to get rid of bad smells and any unpleasantness that comes with them.

What to do to get rid of bad smells

First, you need to get a very large jar and fill it with rice. The quality or type of rice does not matter, but we typically recommend the typical white rice used for risotto. If you prefer, you can also add a drop or two of essential oil, adding a pleasant scent to the area. Now, leave the jar in open area of the bathroom, and after a few days the bad odor should be gone.


Properties of rice

It is worth pointing out the particular properties of rice because it has a variety of uses. Rice can even be found in cosmetics and skin-care products. Also, rice has the ability to soak up water and moisture in the air. If you have ever dropped your cell phone in a swimming pool, surely there was someone ready to tell you to immediately place your phone in a bowl of rice. But now we know that rice doesn’t just absorb the water from electronic devices, but also bad smells from the air!

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