Eliminate All the Grease in a Few Minutes

With Christmas and New Year celebrations over, the task of maintaining a clean kitchen doubles. While the effort required is considerable, but be careful not to skip it, otherwise, neglect can turn our little haven into a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. For a thorough post-holiday cleanup, be careful of the cleaning agents you choose.

When opting for cleaning products during your post-holiday cleanup, try to avoid those developed by companies in the laboratory. These often contain chemical elements that can be harmful to both your health and the environment.

In record time you will remove all the accumulated grease

Cleaning after the holidays: this way, you eliminate grease quickly and easily

Given the severe challenges facing the ecosystem, all of us who are fortunate enough to call it home bear a responsibility to treat it with respect and care. Moreover, there are numerous options available for post-holiday cleaning, and you’ll quickly discover their positive impact.

Your best companion for the cleanup mission is white wine or apple vinegar. These have fantastic detergent and degreasing properties. Additionally, vinegar plays a role in neutralizing bad odors, preventing mold formation, and acting as a disinfectant. Simply apply a small amount to the surface you want to clean and gently rub it with a soft cloth.

some salt is placed on the table and in the spoon

Then, rinse and dry. If stubborn stains have ended up on the furniture, bring in salt, known for its effective stain-removing qualities. Its gentle abrasive action helps without harming surfaces. Pay special attention to laminate kitchen cabinets; for these, opt for denatured alcohol instead of vinegar.

sliced lemon in the water

For a powerful cleaning mixture, combine lemon and baking soda. How do we take advantage of it? It’s child’s play. Simply sprinkle baking soda on the affected area, then gently rub it with half a lemon. This easy technique cleans and sanitizes, disinfects, and degreases in one go. If dealing with melamine wood furniture, opt for warm water and soap or a solution of denatured alcohol in warm water. This versatile approach ensures a thorough and safe cleaning process, leaving your surfaces refreshed after the holiday hustle.

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