The effectiveness of hot water when cleaning the toilet

It doesn’t matter how clean it may appear, the toilet is almost always a harvester of germs and bacteria. It seems like sanitizing the toilet can be a constant battle, but there is a very simple method that can come to the rescue.

Using Hot Water to Sanitize the Toilet

So why hot water? Because it has the ability to both disinfect and sanitize the surfaces it comes into contact with, and it’s completely chemical-free. Though this may not be the most known cleaning technique, the end result will be impressive all the same.

While doing routine cleaning of the bathroom, it is an unfortunate fact that even though everything, including the toilet, looks up to par there is still a significant amount of bacteria present. This is especially due to the drains that are hard to access. However, this does not pose a problem for a pot of hot water.

Hot Water Vs. Flies

teapot and toilet

As previously mentioned, despite a bathroom having a clean appearance, there are still some enemies lurking. Water flies are a great example, as they certainly don’t contribute to cleanliness. These flies love damp areas, and a toilet full of standing water is a perfect environment for them.

Water flies can be found around the bathroom, toilets, and even sewers. These humid places all provide a comfortable home for these little insects. And when the flies lay their eggs, they are able to find nutrition from the surrounding bacteria.


When fighting a complete infestation of flies, time is not exactly on our side. Luckily, pouring a few cups of boiling water onto the habitat of these flies will solve the problem immediately. The adult flies will be eradicated and the eggs will no longer develop.

Another Alternative


We now understand that using hot water is an effective way to sanitize the bathroom, but there are other options as well. We can also use soda crystals to solve the problem. Mix the crystals with water to create a cleaning solution. Pour the solution inside the toilet and scrub. Now just flush and the job is done. Just make sure you don’t overuse the soda crystals because they can cause damage to the porcelain.

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