Effective Tricks to Remove Lint From Scarves, Gloves and Hats

In winter, there are three accessories that you certainly cannot do without: hats, gloves, and scarves – the anti-cold kit. However, with wear, they often accumulate bothersome lint, marring the garment’s appearance and making it look old and worn.

Lint forms on fabrics as a result of friction between the fabric’s fibers and other materials it encounters. During washing, drying, and wearing, fabric fibers rub against each other or surfaces like bag straps, pant zippers, or sofas. This continual rubbing can lead to the fibers breaking or fraying, contributing to the formation of lint.

Is your winter kit full of lint? Follow these remedies

These small pieces of fiber fall apart, accumulate and create so-called lint, which gives the fabric an unpleasant appearance. Fear not, as there are effective remedies that you can use to restore your clothes to their former splendor. Let’s explore them together.

Say goodbye to lint with these remedies


Using a sponge is an old but very effective remedy. Lay the item on a flat surface, stretch it well, and gently rub a sponge on the abrasive side across the fabric. Try to be delicate to avoid damaging the material while effectively removing lint.

a girl is wearing a lint free scarve

Pumice stone

This product is commonly used to clean foot calluses, but it can be very effective in lint removal. Just like the sponge method, lay the garment flat, stretch it gently, and lightly rub the pumice stone until all lint is gone. Be careful not to damage the fabric during the process.

Scotch tape or lint roller

Scotch tape is handy for quickly removing localized lint. Cut a strip of tape to the required length, press it firmly onto the lint, and then peel it off swiftly to lift away the unwanted fibers in just a few minutes. Alternatively, you can use a lint roller, a specialized tool designed specifically for removing lint. Roll the lint roller over the garment, and the sticky surface of the roller will pick up and remove the lint efficiently.

Using a lint roller to remove lint

Dryer sheets

If you own a dryer, you certainly won’t be without sheets – useful not only for removing excess water but also for working wonders on lint. Rub the sheet vigorously on the clothing item to break the electrostatic bond, making lint removal easy and efficient.

Wash them inside out

To prevent lint formation, consult washing labels and wash items inside out, whether using a washing machine or handwashing. This simple practice can help maintain the garment’s appearance and minimize lint accumulation.

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