Effective Trick for Repairing Faux Leather Jackets and Bags

Faux leather, also known as eco-leather, is a synthetic material designed to mimic the look and texture of genuine leather. However, it is manufactured using artificial materials like polyurethane or PVC instead of animal leather.

apply this trick to fix chapped faux leather item

Faux leather is often more budget-friendly because it has lower production costs. Many of us have at least one faux leather jacket or bag, but unfortunately, when using it, we realize that the durability leaves much to be desired. In fact, items made from this material are prone to cracking and showing wear and tear more quickly. What can we do to recover the items and avoid throwing them away? Let’s find a helpful trick that will allow us to reuse it.

clean faux leather bag placed on a stone in the garden

Trick to repair a faux leather item

The materials we will need to repair the garment are fabric paint (the same color as the garment to be repaired), white glue, and 2 brushes.

Start by applying a thin layer of glue to the area we want to repair using one of the brushes. Allow it to dry, and then apply another layer of glue. Once the glue has completely dried, apply the fabric paint onto the treated area using the other brush. We must apply multiple coats of paint to achieve an even and uniform color.

Faux Leather is made with artificial materials like polyurethane or PVC

This treatment will make the cracks in the faux leather virtually invisible, allowing us to reuse the garment. This remedy can also be applied to treat imitation leather bags, and the process is the same as that used for jackets.

To prevent the fake leather from cracking or damaging, we can take some simple precautions.

First, to maintain faux leather’s durability, it’s crucial to avoid exposing it to heat sources. Additionally, we must remember that regular cleaning is essential to preserve the garment’s beauty. We can use a soft, damp cloth for cleaning, steering clear of harsh or chemical detergents. There are specific eco-leather care products that can help prevent cracking and other damage.

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