Easily Grow a Succulent Pilea Plant at Home

Anyone who has an interest in gardening should be proud to show off their horticultural triumphs at home. And a great addition to any garden display is the Pilea plant. This is due to its particular, circular leaves and its ability to thrive in even dry environments. Coming from the far east and belonging to the Urticacea family, the Pilea has become highly sought after by amateur gardeners.

Pilea plant

The Pilea claims its origins mainly in China, and it grows quite well when left in indoor environments. Its round and smooth appearance typically draws a lot of attention as well. Due to the plant’s versatility, it is also ideal for even those that have no gardening experience whatsoever.

Growing Your Pilea

To get the best results when growing your Pilea, it is best to find a location for it that is humid and tends to remain warm. When buying a seedling, it will typically already be in a pot, but you will want to transfer the plant to a larger vessel immediately. Also, like any other plant, the right amount of light and watering is critical, making sure not to overwater. When it comes to soil, try to find one that has a high content of rocks and pebbles.

Gardening soil

As your plant grows you will need to continually care for it. Make sure the plant is not exposed to temperatures less than 10 degrees Celsius for a prolonged period of time. As time goes on, you will need to check if the plant needs watering. A great way to know if your Pilea is thirsty is by checking how dry the soil is. If the earth seems too arid, then it is definitely time to rehydrate your plant. Also, it is always a good idea to spray the leaves with a water mist to keep your plant looking healthy and strong.

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