Dust Your House Too with This Trick and in Just a Few Minutes

How do you dust your house in just a few minutes? After the Christmas break, for most people, it’s time to get back to work. It was nice to spend time with your loved ones, but between one outing and another, your “humble abode” lost some of its shine. In this case, know this: You are by no means the only one experiencing similar discomforts! 

Removing dust has never been easier!

Feeling caught in such situations is entirely normal. Instead of dwelling on the problem, shift your focus to the solution. Craft a quick and efficient action plan to save time. If you apply a clever trick, you can have your house shining again in just a few minutes.

A trick to dust your house in just a few minutes

We’ll tell you right away: our method excludes recommending laboratory products. The rationale behind this is quite straightforward. Even if companies prefer to overlook it, these products contain chemical elements. In our current environmental context, where nature signals the need for help, it would be unwise to persist in repeating past mistakes.

different colors of clean microfiber cloth

In the past, we were less aware of the consequences of our actions, unlike today. Scholars emphasize the urgency of adopting responsible behavior, highlighting that the ecosystem is on the brink of collapse. Additionally, products from leading brands often come with hefty price tags, reinforcing the need to revisit the wisdom of our ancestors as a cost-effective and sustainable alternative.

Start by thoroughly vacuuming the floors using a common microfiber cloth with your vacuum cleaner. Put the broom aside, as it tends to move dust around without truly resolving the problem. Consider using disposable electrostatic cloths available in stores; they are convenient and practical for efficiently tackling dust on various surfaces, ensuring a more thorough cleaning process.

a box of baking soda and some of it in a bowl are placed on the table

Now, let’s get to the furniture. Mix equal parts of vinegar and warm water in a basin, then soak a microfiber cloth, wring it out, and wipe the surfaces from top to bottom. Enhance the effectiveness by adding sodium bicarbonate. Combine both ingredients in a spray bottle and finish the task by spraying and wiping with a cloth.

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