One of the Questions That Everyone Has Been Asking for a Long Time. Is Water Drunk Before or After Coffee? This is the Answer

Coffee drinkers have always asked themselves this question: should water be drunk before or after coffee? Those who don’t drink coffee, on the other hand, have always wondered why anyone would want to drink water if they are about to drink or have just drunk coffee. Well, even the etiquette has bothered to let us know that the water should be drunk before sipping from our cup. And the reason is understandable: you clean your mouth, and you can enjoy it better without flavor residues that alter the taste.

should water be drunk before or after coffee ?

Why drink water before coffee?

The etiquette explains that drinking water before sipping a cup of espresso is an excellent way to cleanse the mouth of impurities that have accumulated in the oral cavity during the night and to eliminate flavor residues that interfere with the aroma of the coffee. In coffee shops, it’s common to offer customers water before they taste the coffee for the very same reason.

Despite the etiquette advising to drink water before espresso, many people still prefer drinking it after. The reason given is to freshen the mouth and remove food residue. However, this reason seems weak since if you love coffee, why would you want to wash away its taste right away? That is unless you have “social engagements” right afterward, let’s call them that, and you have some mints on hand.

cup of coffee

When choosing water to drink with coffee, some people prefer plain water. They believe that the bubbles in sparkling water might alter the coffee’s taste. However, this mainly applies to those who drink water before their espresso. For those who drink it afterward, however, it could be more useful to drink sparkling water as the bubbles could help eliminate bitter residues on the taste buds., enhancing the overall coffee experience.

Be that as it may, this explains why many people at the bar also request a glass of water along with the espresso.

sparkling water

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