Down Jackets and duvets Like New in the Washing Machine

Winter is here, and with it comes the need to retrieve our down jackets and duvets from the closets, which will be our companions for the season. As is often the case every year, we find that our jackets and duvets have an unpleasant musty smell after a year in storage. Let’s explore how to wash them in the washing machine to restore their freshness and former glory.

 How to wash duvets and jackets in the washing machine

Washing the Duvet

First and foremost, it’s important to note that each duvet has a label inside that provides specific washing instructions. Duvets can be filled with various materials like synthetic fibers, goose feathers, or wool. To wash them correctly, you should follow the recommended method mentioned on the label, ensuring you adhere to the specified temperatures and guidelines.

It's important to note that duvets and jackets have labels inside that provide specific washing instructions.

To start, selecting a gentle cycle for synthetic duvets is a good practice, typically at 86° degree Fahrenheit ( or 30 degrees Celsius). Next, place 2 tennis balls in the washing machine along with the duvet. The spinning motion of the tennis balls in the drum will help fluff up and aerate the duvet while keeping it soft. Now, choose a gentle spin cycle. When you remove the duvet from the washing machine, it will appear flat because it is wet, but as soon as it dries, it will return to being soft and fluffy.

For excellent results, using a dryer and running 2 to 3 drying cycles is highly recommended. Always remember to add the two tennis balls used during the wash.

For excellent results, using a dryer and running 2 to 3 drying cycles is highly recommended.

If a dryer isn’t available, you can air dry the duvet by hanging it on a drying rack, remembering to turn it periodically for even drying. Keep in mind that this method will take considerably more time to fully dry and restore its natural softness than a dryer.

If your duvet has stains, you can remove them by using Marseille soap diluted in water. Gently rub the stained area with a cloth, rinse it thoroughly, and then make sure to dry it properly to prevent streaks from forming.

Let’s wash the jacket

Following specific steps to wash fleece or wool jackets in the washing machine is crucial. First, check the label for washing instructions. Typically, you should use cold water and select a delicate program. For stained jackets, you can rub the stained area with laundry detergent or dishwashing liquid, leave it for 10 minutes, and then put it in the washing machine. It’s always advisable to wash jackets of the same fabric together to avoid any complications caused by different washing requirements for each fabric type. This ensures your jackets come out clean and well-maintained.

You should use cold water and select a delicate program for washing jackets.

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