Do Your Pajamas Smell Damp? Perfume Them This Way

Do you have pajamas that smell damp? You wouldn’t be the first, nor the last! This can happen more easily than you might imagine when they are exposed to unfavorable conditions. Fortunately, there’s a remedy for this issue—just apply the right products. You might imagine that we are talking about compounds developed by companies in the laboratory; however, you are wrong!

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Pajamas that smell damp: Green remedies, easy to apply and economical to remove bad odors

You can achieve excellent results without resorting to items from the shelves of shopping centers. This choice is not only ideal for your health, both yours and the people you live with, but it also avoids the chemical ingredients present in commercial preparations. Take a quick look at any packaging, and you’ll see how true this is. Furthermore, their prices are quite high, especially for products from leading brands. Fortunately, there are some green and economical alternative remedies for damp-smelling pajamas. Let’s explore these options.

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Let’s begin with a great classic: baking soda. Known for its cleaning and degreasing properties, it’s gentle on fabrics. Simply pour a cup into the detergent drawer or directly into the drum and start a wash cycle. For an added boost, include 10 drops of your preferred essential oil. Alternatively, put a cup of white vinegar in the tray alone. After that, the procedure is identical.

Another effective approach is to add two tablespoons of liquid Marseille soap to a spoonful of baking soda. Marseille soap is excellent for stain removal and fabric softening. Otherwise, you can place 10 grams of salt and 10 drops of your favorite essential oil in the detergent drawer for a pleasant fragrance.

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The list could go on, but the solutions we’ve just suggested are among the best, as they are also the most simple. With less and less time available, these remedies are preferable, and interestingly, each taps into the age-old wisdom passed down by our grandmothers. How much they knew is truly remarkable!

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