Do you usually throw away your used coffee grounds: here are 8 reasons to stop this habit

Coffee, it’s such a pleasure. The time we dedicate to a smooth cup of coffee can only be described as a moment of tranquility, as we get our thoughts together and get ready for the day. But once we have prepared our coffee and are about to sit down to enjoy it, we typically just toss the used grounds without a thought. As it turns out, these used coffee grounds are full of benefits, both for the body and the home. Don’t believe it? Then keep reading.


Coffee grounds can make your hair smooth and shiny

To create a beautiful effect with hair that is otherwise damaged and frizzy, just add a tablespoon of used coffee grounds to your conditioner and apply it to your hair as you normally would. However, if you have blonde hair this may not be the best idea. Coffee beans can also act as natural dyes, so you just might find yourself with unexpected results after trying this trick.

Purifying the skin

In addition to all the different types of masks and scrubs for skin treatment on the market, there is also the natural option by using coffee grounds. Moisten your used coffee beans a bit, then massage them across the face. You’ll immediately notice that your skin is absent of any dryness.

washing hands

Perfume for the hands

If you have cooked with ingredients that emit strong odors that will inevitably stick to the skin of your hands, garlic is a common offender, then just rub hands with some used coffee grounds and rinse thoroughly. You’ll see that the smells have vanished.

Cleaning the pipes

Coffee grounds can also be used for cleaning the pipes in your house. All you have to do is combine your used coffee grounds with some dish soap and hot water. Pour the mixture down the drain and you’ll see all the accumulated debris get flushed away.

Helpful for plants

With a cup of used coffee beans, you can nourish your plants while also protecting them from ants and other insects.

Cleaning the pots

As strange as it may sound, coffee grounds can also help you clean greasy pots. Just apply some used coffee grounds to the greasy area, scrub with a sponge, and the pot can be easily wiped clean.

many pots

Reduce cellulite

Of all the creams and other products out there made for the treatment of cellulite, coffee grounds could be your most natural option. Just mix the used grounds with some olive oil or coconut oil and massage the affected area. Let it sit for about minutes and then rinse.

Useful inside the refrigerator

As we mentioned earlier, coffee grounds have the ability to get rid of unpleasant odors. Just like with your hands, you can also place used coffee grounds in the fridge to tackle this issue. If you regularly replace the grounds in the fridge, it will remain fresh and odor-free.

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