Do You Know What the Serrated Part of the Scissors is Really For? Only a Few Know the Right Answer

Did you know what the serrated part of the scissors is for? Its use will surprise you

In the fascinating world of everyday tools, scissors take on a versatile role that goes beyond simple paper cutting. Do you notice a specific scissor type with a serrated hole under the handle? We usually use this type of scissors in the kitchen to open jars. But were they initially designed for this specific purpose? The answer is no. Let’s unravel the story behind these intriguing scissors!

serrated part of scissor

The function of the serrated part of the scissors

This particular type of scissors with a serrated hole was actually born as a gardening tool. The serrated part was designed to remove thorns from plants like roses and trim excess foliage. Over time, this same functionality has proven valuable in the culinary field, particularly for cleaning long-stemmed vegetables with voluminous foliage inside the slits.

When we go into the garden to pick roses, we risk injuring ourselves with the thorns. To address this issue, just insert the rose stem into the serrated part of the scissors and move from bottom to top. The scissors will effectively remove thorns and excess leaves, giving us clean, easy-to-handle roses.

scissor in the gardening tool box

Pinking shears, initially designed for gardening, also prove helpful in removing dead or dry leaves that tend to accumulate in hedges or climbing plants. These unsightly leaves can be annoying, and using pinking shears to trim them away can contribute to your garden’s neat appearance.

Even if you don’t have a garden, you can still use them in your kitchen or around the house. They come in handy for more than just opening jars or bottles; they’re also excellent for opening blister packs of medications or other packaged items, simplifying the process and saving you from the frustration of removing stubborn packaging covers.

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