Do You Know What the Hook on the Paper Roll Holder is for Other Than Tearing Off Papers?

Most households have a paper roll holder, which is used for absorbent paper rolls. Well, pay attention: there is often a sort of lateral hook on these paper roll holders. This hook is not there just for looks, but it actually performs a couple of very important functions.

What is the paper holder hook for?

Have you ever wondered what that side hook on the paper roll holder is for?

The most obvious function of the side hook on the paper roll holder is the one most of us are familiar with: it serves to help us tear off individual sheets of paper. However, many of us may not actually use this hook, as we often tear the paper more quickly without it.

What some may not be aware of is that this hook can be quite handy in kitchens with limited counter space. All you have to do is open the plate rack (where you typically place plates and dishes to dry). You can insert the paper roll holder’s hook between the plate rack’s base and the metal part designed to prevent water droplets from falling into the sink.

a clean kitchen

This practical trick helps you save space and makes it convenient to tear paper towel sheets quickly. The best part is that it doesn’t interfere with closing the plate rack doors, as they are designed to accommodate this part of the shelf. So you can still close the doors without any issues.

Obviously, this trick works if:

  • You have a paper roll holder with that long side hook (for example, I have one to attach to the wall, which, inevitably, doesn’t have that hook).
  • You have a plate rack with that free space between the bottom and the edge (otherwise, you can’t insert the hook). And if you have a proper plate rack.

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