Did You Know That There are Hidden References on Your Tv Remote Control? That’s What They’re for

Today, most people use remote controls for convenience and comfort when operating TVs and other electronic devices. However, there are situations where you may need to use them without looking, perhaps because you are in the dark or you forgot your glasses.

Do you know there are indeed some handy tricks for using remote controls without looking that maybe you haven’t discovered yet? Today, we will explore these tips with TikToker Marco Critelli as our guide.

Hidden References on Your Tv Remote Control and you can use it without looking at it

Tactile References on the Remote Control

You need to know its tactile references to use the remote control without looking at it. These are specific elements on the remote control that you can touch to operate it. Tactile references include directional buttons, a trigger, and other features with distinct shapes or textures to indicate their function.

The on and off buttons are the most important buttons on a remote control. They are usually positioned at the top of the remote and often have a tactile design, such as a small bump or shape. To turn your TV on or off without looking, simply touch the top of the remote until you feel the tactile shape of the on/off button.

tv remote placed on the open book

Another useful tactile reference on many remote controls is the number 5. It’s often marked by a small dot, representing the central number. To find it without looking, simply touch it, and there will be no need to look at the remote control.

In other remote controls, there may be tactile references in various places. Besides the number 5, you can also find dots near the volume and channel buttons on some remotes. Additionally, many remote controls feature a trigger button on the back, which is used to access advanced functions like the TV menu, settings, and even streams. Most trigger buttons have a unique tactile shape that makes them easily recognisable by touch.

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