Did You Know That Gift Bags Don’t Close Like You Always Have?

Do you know the gift bags which are so convenient for wrapping presents? But you may always have to use stickers to close them. Well, we will provide a helpful demonstration of an alternative and creative method for using gift bags.

How do you seal gift bags?

There is one specific kind of gift paper bag with little holes where the strings pass and which end with a usually plastic, “T” shaped clip. We usually close these bags by making a bow with the ties above or using stickers, but that’s not how they were intended to be sealed. The original creators had a different method in mind. While using a bow is fine, it’s not the intended closure. Do what works for you, but it’s interesting to know the original design’s purpose.

Did you know that gift bags, which we use often at Christmas, don't close like we always do?

It’s actually very simple; we are the ones who complicate our lives unnecessarily. In practice, after putting the gift in the envelope, just insert the lanyard end with the plastic clip into the small hole on the opposite end. That’s all there is to it. We will have to do the same process for all four lace ends. At this point, just pull the ties; like magic, the bag will effortlessly close perfectly.

In the comments of the video, many admit that they knew about this closure method, but they prefer not to use it because they find the sight of the plastic clips sticking out unappealing. Of course, you could cover them with stickers or some decoration, but doing so would make creating the package even more complicated. Personally, I don’t find those plastic clips so unpleasant, and instead of struggling with unlikely bows, I’ll give this system a try for my next package.

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