Using the Danshari method to Bring Orders to Your Home in 10 Minutes

One of the most notable aspects of Japanese culture is that of beauty and organization. And this can be seen through the tidiness of a typical Japanese home. To be able to accomplish this, there is a famous method developed by Hideko Yamashita, the Danshari method. Using this method will help you create harmony in your home in just 10 minutes’ time. Let’s see how it’s done!

Japanese gate

The idea of the Danshari method is finding happiness through the perspective of simplicity and minimalism. In a way, it is tidying up the home without really even tidying anything. This is because it focuses on getting rid of unnecessary things and eliminating bad habits. But we are going to have to also look into this method in a bit more detail.

Guidelines of the Danshari Method

The first rule of the Danshari method is to occupy 80% of the space in a given area, leaving 20% of empty space. Through this ratio, we can already set limits to the accumulation of unnecessary things and create a sensation of order.

cluttered table

The next step is to get rid of the things that do not necessarily bring us joy. This doesn’t stop at clothes. This includes everything from furniture, accessories, and miscellaneous items such as books and posters. After taking an inventory of what really means something to you, it should be obvious what you need to throw away. This is more of a matter of self-discipline, as we all tend to hang on to things that don’t really have any utility.

The Danshari method is, as one would imagine, in itself simple. This two-step method can be applied to any room or section of the home. And due to its basic and easy-to-follow formulation, using this method should bring any area of the house to order within 10 minutes or less.  

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