Coffee Stained Tablecloth? Use This Trick to Clean it

The tablecloth we used for the festive lunch became a battlefield with various stains, including stubborn ones like coffee stains. How can we rescue our tablecloth and ensure that coffee stains don’t leave lasting marks, potentially ruining it forever? Let’s explore some solutions.

remedy for removing coffee stains from tablecloths

We start from the assumption that the magic wand does not exist, nor do miracle potions, but the battle against stains is not lost from the start. As emphasized in previous articles, acting promptly is crucial. Timeliness prevents the stain from penetrating deep into the fibers, making the cleaning process less complicated.

In the event of a recent coffee spill on the tablecloth, promptly dab the stain with absorbent paper and immerse the affected area in a basin filled with hot water and Marseille soap. Leave it to act for a few hours, and then proceed with the regular washing in the washing machine.

some cubes of marseille soap are placed on the table

Grandma’s trick for removing coffee stains from the tablecloth

In case the coffee stain is stubborn, the only thing that can save us is grandma’s old and dear remedy: apple or wine vinegar.

The effectiveness of vinegar in stain removal stems from its acidity, which allows it to dissolve the coffee molecules, making them easier to eliminate. Additionally, vinegar aids in neutralizing odors and softening fibers, further contributing to the overall cleaning process.

a women is pouring a spoonful of vinegar in the bowl

To utilize vinegar for stain removal, create a mixture of 1 cup of vinegar and 3 cups of water. Pour the mixture onto the coffee stain, allowing it to sit for a few minutes. Once the exposure time has elapsed, rub the stain with Marseille soap, and proceed with the regular washing in the washing machine. If you observe any remaining traces, you can repeat the process until the stain is satisfactorily removed.

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