Coarse Salt in the Washing Machine Drum, Because Everyone is Adding It When They Do the Laundry

Obtaining clean and fragrant clothes is the goal of any housewife. This is why companies continue to put new products on the market, promising fabulous results. It’s a shame that many commercially available detergents often yield unsatisfactory results when used in washing machines. In this context, we recommend focusing on a green remedy such as coarse salt.

It's an old grandmother's trick, always valid

Because more and more housewives (and househusbands) put coarse salt in the washing machine drum when they do the laundry

The laboratory-developed compounds by companies often raise concerns about their impact on both our health and the planet. Ongoing alarm messages from the ecosystem emphasize our need to listen and take action. This not only affects our generation but has far-reaching consequences for future ones.

putting dirty clothes in the washing machine

While lack of knowledge may have been a mitigating factor in the past, today, mass media consistently warns us about the risks of incorrect behavior. While the primary responsibility lies with the international political class, individual families have the power to make a difference in their daily choices.

Experienced housewives (and househusbands), drawing from the wisdom passed down by their grandmothers, are well aware of the merits of coarse salt. They often treasure this traditional remedy. Enhance your laundry routine by adding a couple of tablespoons of coarse salt to the washing machine basket before starting the wash.

washed clothes out of the washing machine

Adding coarse salt to the laundry helps soften water by reducing its hardness. This has particularly noticeable positive effects on items that are more prone to stiffness, such as jeans or terry towels. Moreover, salt allows you to brighten up colors and prevent white clothing from yellowing. To achieve this, simply soak the clothes in a solution of water and salt for a few hours.

Finally, to increase the longevity of your washing machine, periodically add a kilogram of coarse salt to it. Set the machine to a high temperature and run an empty wash cycle—this will help descale the pipes, maintaining the appliance’s efficiency.

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