Clothes Full of Lint Despite Washing?

When we wear sweaters, sweatshirts, or dresses, dealing with annoying lint can be frustrating as it ruins the appearance of our outfits, making them sloppy and neglected. These tiny fiber tangles often result from fabric rubbing or the presence of furry friends in the house. To maintain the pristine look of our favorite garments, we need to tackle this issue. Luckily, various methods exist, and today, we will discover them.

Useful tricks to quickly remove lint from clothing

The go-to tool for lint removal, widely popular, is the adhesive roller. With glue or rubber, it easily eliminates lint by rolling over fabrics, thanks to the adhesive film. A lint remover becomes handy in cases of excessive lint where the roller might be time-consuming. This specialized device combines rotation and suction and quickly removes lint from clothes.

However, if you don’t have an adhesive roller or other device, you have to use your wits. At home, you have everything you need.

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2 home tricks to free clothes from lint

The first useful trick involves using a microfiber cloth. With its porous surface, it generates electrostatic energy that attracts lint. To use it, all you have to do is rub it gently on the fabric’s surface, making it particularly effective for garments like dresses, sweaters, and blankets.

An additional home remedy for removing lint from clothing involves using fabric softener sheets in the dryer. While designed to soften fabrics during drying, these sheets are also effective at lint removal. To use a fabric softener sheet, you need to rub it gently on the affected fabric, as it creates a static charge that attracts and pulls away lint. This method is particularly suitable for delicate items like silk dresses, offering a gentle yet efficient solution.

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