Cleaning the vent above the stove can become easier with these tips

The vent above the stove indeed has a rough job. It is exposed to heat, oils, and moisture as it cleans the air of the kitchen. It manages to do this by connecting to a ventilation system that naturally leads to outside of the home. And during this process, the accumulation of dirt and sludge is inevitable, making the chore of cleaning the vent an absolute must. We rely on this instrument to keep the air in the kitchen clean and free of unpleasant odors.

Also, it is important to keep in mind that the routine cleaning of the kitchen vent is essential for it to function properly. If left unattended, the vent is more likely to break prematurely and become a source of bad smells in the kitchen. Not to mention the build-up of grease can become a great fire hazard. So let’s see how we can easily avoid these problems.

How to get your kitchen vent clean again

kitchen vent

To get started, prepare a cleaning solution from 2 tablespoons of Marseille soap and 2 cups of water. As you use the solution, you notice that it works effectively on grease without leaving lines or streaks along the surface of the vent.

purple brush

When dealing with a wooden vent, we need to change the mixture a bit. In this case, we will want to mix dishwashing soap with a few cups of water. Now, apply the soapy water with a soft bristle brush to get rid of the residue.

For glass surfaces, we will need a damp sponge. Again, add a little dishwashing soap to the sponge and apply it along the glass. Not only will the surface be clean, but it will also produce a beautiful shine.

vent and filter

It is important to also remember to attend to the filters inside the system. Before removing the filters and some white wine vinegar to a pot of water and heat the mixture to a boil. Now take out the filters and immerse them in the boiling water. To get to the hard-to-reach areas of the filter, you can put some baking soda on a brush, scrub along the crevasses, and rinse.

Keep in mind that as you clean your filters, you will have a good opportunity to examine their conditions. Every so often it will be necessary to replace the filters, so keep this in mind while you have them outside of the vent.

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