Cleaning Refractory Stone Quickly and Safely

Refractory stone is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen, and it is easy to see why. It has a unique ability to absorb and refract heat. In doing this, the refractory stone is able to distribute heat to our food in a more efficient manner by providing an even and more constant temperature. Refractory stone is particularly useful when preparing pizza and thick cuts of meat. But there’s just one thing… being in contact with food means that the stone also will need to be cleaned. And this article will explain just how to do this properly.

pizza on a refractory stone

Some general advice

Before even getting started, make sure that the stone is at room temperature before handling it. Cooling may take up to 12 hours after cooking. This is not just for personal safety, but also to avoid damaging the stone. If a hot refractory stone is exposed suddenly to cold temperatures, cracks can form and may even cause the stone to break in half. Also, avoid using oil when cleaning refractory stone, as this will compromise the non-stick properties of the material.

Removing Dark Stains

Dark stains tend to appear after baking bread or other types of floury foods. Usually, all it takes to get rid of these stains is sweeping them away with a brush. Just make sure that the brush you use has soft bristles so that you don’t create any scratches along the material. If you don’t have access to an appropriate brush, you can also soak the stone in water overnight before wiping the stains away with a clean rag.

bucket and brush

Getting rid of oil and fat

After cooking meat and other various condiments, fats and oils are likely to build up. Though these types of stains are usually pretty stubborn, they should come off of refractory stone with just a cloth and water.

If a damp cloth doesn’t get the job done, then you can use a natural, homemade cleaner. Form a paste by mixing baking soda with a little water. Apply the paste to the oil stains with a toothbrush, and that should do the trick.

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