Clean and Sanitize the Mattress? Almost No One Knows This Secret: How to Do It

One of the signs of the coming spring is the significant change in our rooms, beginning with tidying up our beds and wardrobes. However, what should be done about the mattress?

Simply changing the sheets isn’t sufficient, but attempting to clean the mattress is a truly Herculean task. Moreover, it’s challenging to be confident that you’ve entirely sanitized it, especially when using cleaning products on the surface. In fact, removing stains and dirt is only the tip of the iceberg: the true challenge lies in cleaning the mattress’s deeper layers and eradicating dust and mites. Here are some tricks to get rid of them.

Less effort and more results: how to clean the mattress

1. Sodium bicarbonate

Mites tend to make their nests where shed skin cells provide a suitable food source, often in difficult-to-reach places like deep within the mattress seams. The presence of mites and their excrement can cause common allergy symptoms such as coughing and breathing difficulties, which naturally disrupt sleep quality.

Clean mattress is important

Sodium bicarbonate, the undisputed protagonist of many areas of the house beyond the kitchen, comes to our aid. You must start by brushing away surface dirt from the mattress. Next, apply a layer of baking soda to the surface and let it sit for approximately an hour. This step can also help prevent the proliferation of mite larvae. You can then remove the baking soda using a clean cloth or a vacuum cleaner.

2. Vinegar and lemon

For particularly stubborn stains, you can use a mix of vinegar and lemon. Then, use a microfiber cloth and start cleaning from the stain’s perimeter, working your way towards the inside.

sliced lemon in a bowl

3. Hydrogen peroxide

Yes, it is not only applicable to wounds! Hydrogen peroxide has excellent disinfectant power as well as whitening properties. This product is excellent for removing urine or blood stains from a mattress. Simply apply it directly to the affected area and then dry it with a cloth or a hairdryer. It also works with the urine of four-legged friends!

4. Against mold

In less-ventilated areas of the mattress, mold can occasionally develop. To remove it, there are two effective tricks. You can use a mixture of hot water and baking soda, leaving it to act for at least a day.

To enhance the mold-removing mixture, you can add Tea Tree essential oil, known for its disinfectant properties and pleasant aroma, which will even give the mattress an excellent fragrance.

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