How to Clean Aluminum Bottles and Get Rid of Bad Odors

Using aluminum bottles every day is a great idea. They are convenient and help reduce our plastic waste production. However, there is one important thing to consider – routine cleaning. Over time, without proper and regular cleaning, there will indeed be an accumulation of bacteria and foul smells inside your aluminum bottle. It is even recommended to clean your bottle after each use. Let’s see how to sanitize our aluminum bottles and restore their shine.

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Cleaning Aluminum Bottles the Right Way

If you prefer to use the dishwasher for cleaning your aluminum bottle, we do have some advice. If the seal becomes dislodged during the dishwasher cycle, make sure to properly reassemble the cap to maintain an airtight seal. And if you prefer cleaning by hand, we have a way to do this using all-natural products.

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The first product we will discuss is Marseille soap. This is a preferred cleaning option as it doesn’t contain any preservatives, additives, or dyes. To clean your aluminum bottle using Marseille soap, start by filling half of your bottle with warm water. Next, add several flakes of Marseille soap. Now the fun part, close the bottle tightly and shake vigorously so the soap can dissolve and clean the entire interior surface. Finally, let the solution sit in the bottle for twenty minutes before rinsing it thoroughly.

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Another great method is creating a cleaning solution using black soap. This is another natural product with excellent degreasing properties. Black soap, in fact, is made from black olives and vegetable oil.

To begin, mix about a teaspoon of black soap with hot water. Similar to the previous example, pour the solution into the aluminum bottle and give it a good shake. All the dirt and grime will be broken down, so make sure to rinse thoroughly. Afterward, allow the bottle to air dry without the cap. Remember not to put the cap back on until both the bottle and cap are completely dry to prevent humidity.

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