Here Are the Most Beautiful July Flowers for Your Balcony and Garden

In July, the summer season brings a desire to add color to balconies or gardens with beautiful flowers. Many flowers that bloom in summer and make the surroundings more vibrant are perfect for this. Let’s explore the most beautiful July flowers and how to take care of them to see them grow luxuriantly.

African lily

African lily

First of all, the African lily is a bulbous plant that thrives in hot weather and reaches its peak flowering in July. It has a slender shape and can grow up to a meter tall. With its bright and beautiful colors, it adds a lovely touch to any garden or balcony. The best part is that it’s easy to care for, making it suitable even for those who are not experienced in gardening.


If you think of summer flowers, it is impossible not to mention lavender. This plant can grow up to 2 meters and is famous worldwide for its strong and pleasant scent. It blooms abundantly, covering the garden with beautiful purple and lilac colors.



This plant has many properties and blooms abundantly in July, especially where there are large meadows, countryside paths, and mountains. The flowering period can extend from July until September, showcasing beautiful pink or white flowers.


Malversa starts blooming in July. It can be biennial or perennial, depending on the type, and often grows on its own. The flowers are large, and it blooms abundantly.



Colorful and lush are the flowers of the lobelia. This characteristic makes it a real jewel for the garden. It usually begins blooming in June and continues throughout July. The flowers come in various colors (purple, blue, red, and white) and shapes, adding a beautiful array of hues to the surroundings.


Among the most beautiful July flowers, we certainly could not fail to mention the geranium. It is commonly found under porches, on terraces, and even in gardens. It thrives best in pots. Regular watering and fertilizing every 10 days are essential for its growth and vibrant blooms.

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