Bay Leaves Under the Bed: What is the Reason for This Custom Handed Down From Grandparents?

In the past, our grandparents had customs and beliefs that might seem strange or superstitious today, like placing bay leaves under the bed. Maybe it’s just a popular belief, but if it doesn’t cost anything, why not give it a try?

Among the customs that have been passed down from generation to generation, there is also the one we want to tell you about in this article: placing 7 bay leaves under the bed. You might be wondering where this tradition comes from, and if you’re curious to find out, keep reading this article.

Placing 7 bay leaves under the bed is a custom handed down from our grandparents: here's what it's for

Why put bay leaves under the bed?

Everyone knows that bay leaves are famous for their pleasant aroma, often used for their fragrance, such as burning them like incense. However, this particular characteristic of bay leaves isn’t directly related to the custom passed down by our grandparents.

According to this tradition, putting seven bay leaves under the bed is considered a symbol of good luck for the future. This simple act is believed to bring wealth and prosperity to the household where it is carried out. But you have to do it the right way and respect some rules.

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First, the leaves must be placed inside a well-sealed bottle of water. This sealed bottle should then be hidden in a discreet location within the house, where it’s not visible, even to the person who placed it there. Traditionally, one familiar spot was under the bed. Still, you can also choose other hidden locations, like behind a piece of furniture.

Regardless of where you choose to hide the bottle, it’s essential to remember about it and leave it there for too long. If you do, the water inside could get ruined and give off an unpleasant odor.

Of course, there’s no scientific evidence to support this custom, but if you’re going through a streak of bad luck, it doesn’t cost anything to try putting 7 bay leaves under your bed. After all, it’s a simple and harmless tradition that might just bring some positivity into your life.

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