The amazing properties of the jujube fruit

For a period, the jujube seemed to be almost non-existent, almost impossible to find in any produce section. Luckily, now if you venture into the countryside, you can see that the fruit is slowly making a comeback due to its sweetness and nutritional value. In this article, we going to take a look at what exactly makes this so beneficial.

bowl of jujubes

The Benefits of the Jujube

The jujube plant, which belongs to the Rhamnaceae family, hails origins from the northern regions of Africa and from Syria. Harvesting typically begins at the beginning of autumn, usually around the month of September. Once fully ripened, the fruit can be recognized by its almond shape and dark red color. They are covered with a thin skin and produce a particularly sweet, yet sour, taste.

In terms of preparation, there are the following options:

  • Eating them raw as a nutritious snack
  • Cooking and drying for making of jams, marmalades, liqueurs, or broths

In fact, there is the Italian saying “to go in jujube broth” which is an expression of elation and euphoria. This saying alone could be considered a testament to the pleasure of consuming the fruit, and for some reason, it is still relatively unknown.

jujubes and leaves

Enjoying the jujube contributes to the wellness of both the mind and the body. They can be consumed on their own, and they come with a number of health benefits including:

  • Aiding in digestion
  • Helping to regulate diuresis
  • Providing a high level of potassium, combating high blood pressure
  • Antioxidants
  • Strengthening the immune system
  • Improving memory and concentration
  • High levels of vitamin C and mineral salts

So with all these advantages that come with eating this hard-to-find fruit, it still comes as a surprise that it is not more widespread across supermarkets… maybe it really is time to go in the jujube broth!

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