Almost No One Knows What the Drawstrings on the Makeup Remover Pad Bag are Really for (not to Close the Package)

When preparing for daily skincare, makeup remover pads come in handy. Each pack of these pads features ties at the top. Today, with Marco Critelli’s Instagram journey exploring curiosities about various objects, let’s uncover the purpose of these ties.

Let's discover together the correct use of the ties on the packaging of make-up remover pads

The ties on makeup remover pad packages serve a dual purpose—maintaining freshness and hygiene. They facilitate easy and hygienic opening and closing of the package, ensuring that the makeup remover pads remain clean and free from contamination, which is crucial for sensitive areas like the face and eyes. Although the disks come out from the bottom opening, the ties serve to prevent direct contact, reducing the risk of introducing bacteria or contaminants.

a girl is cleaning her face with a scrub

The function of the straps on the packaging of the make-up remover pads

In reality, the true purpose of the makeup remover pad ties is to hang the package, making it easy to reach the pads. This keeps them organized, visible, and within arm’s reach, ensuring you remember to use them daily and helping you find them quickly.

Hanging makeup remover pads prove especially helpful for those with limited space in their bathroom or cabinet. Thanks to the ties, you can utilize wall hooks or door hangers, making the pads accessible without using extra space.

Discovering the hidden functionalities of everyday objects is both informative and intriguing. It’s a great way to appreciate the thought and creativity that designers put into their work. You can continue to use these items as you prefer while being more aware of their various features.

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