6 Errors to Avoid When Cleaning Windows

It seems like it’s a full-time job to keep the windows in the home clean. This is because there is because they are constantly being assaulted by dirt and dust, and the fact that windows are clear makes the mess even more obvious. So there is no getting around this household chore, but there are six errors that you can avoid to make the job a little easier.

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Mistakes Commonly Made When Cleaning Windows

First, pay attention to the sun. This means that you should make sure not to clean your windows when they are in direct sunlight. This is because most window cleaners evaporate quite quickly, and the heat from direct sunlight will just speed up this process. As a result, the cleaner will evaporate before you can completely loosen up the dirt, making your job harder than it needs to be.

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Before you begin with your glass cleaner, make sure to dust first. Also, if there is a screen present, detach it and let it soak in water before replacing it. These two steps are important because they will help us avoid inadvertently adding more dirt to already stained windows. If you have curtains made of fabric, you can use either a vacuum or a microfiber rag on both sides of each curtain to get rid of loose dust and dirt.

This next mistake may sound obvious, but many make this error all the same. Don’t be cheap when it comes to how much cleaning solution you use. More is better and will obviously make the job faster and easier.

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Things to Avoid

Don’t use old rags to clean your windows. Usually, an old rag or t-shirt is considered ideal for cleaning different areas of the house. However, when dealing with glass surfaces, you will more than likely notice that the old rag leaves a trail of fluff behind. So it’s best to be safe and use a fairly new rag that won’t make you clean windows twice.

Only use a squeegee when dealing with larger windows. In the case of medium to small windows, your squeegee will just end up creating more of a mess from the puddles it creates, and it ends up not being worth the time it saves.

And lastly, always avoid abrasive sponges. Not only do they not effectively clean dirt from such a smooth surface, but they can also cause scratches along your glass. Always make sure to use a soft, and preferably new, sponge that will get the cleaning done fast and efficiently.  

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